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If you have kids in your family then accidental fracture insurance is a must. Kids are very active and curious. They discover the world around them not realizing that sometimes something might be dangerous and lead to an accident. You cannot keep an eye on them all the time, and even if you can, it is not a guarantee that you will prevent, for instance, a fall. Falls account for the majority of non-fatal accidents among kids, and boys are more likely to have accidental fractures than girls. In the event of an accident, an Accidental Fracture Insurance Plan will help you to reduce financial stress and focus on your kid’s recovery.

Accidental Fracture Insurance is a great and simple product for the whole family. At a very reasonable cost, you and your family can benefit from the coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Accidental Fracture Insurance Coverage

If an insured person sustains a fracture as a result of an accident, an insurance company undertakes to pay him (or her) a lump sum based on the table below.

Accidental Fracture 1 Unit 2 Units
Scull, hip, spine, pelvis, femur $7,000 $14,000
Sternum, larynx, trachea, scapula, radius, humerus, ulna, patella, tibia, fibula, coccyx $2,000 $4,000
All other bones $700 $1,400

The fracture must be diagnosed within thirty (30) days of the accident. The maximum amount payable for multiple fractures shall be the highest amount payable for any one of the sustained fractures.

Accidental Fracture Insurance Limitations
1. For insured persons age seventy (70) and older, the lump sum indicated is reduced by fifty percent (50%).
2. The insured person cannot be indemnified for a same injury under this coverage and under a coverage for accidental death, dismemberment or loss of use.

Termination of Accidental Fracture Insurance Coverage
Coverage for Accidental Fracture terminates at the eightieth (80th) birthday of the insured person.

Take a peace of mind in knowing that with Accidental Fracture Insurance you’ll receive a cash benefit to use however you want.

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