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Parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents have an option for visiting Canada and may be eligible to apply for the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa to enjoy visiting their family in Canada for up to two years without the need to renew their status.

How does the parent and grandparent super visa differ from a visitor visa? The Super Visa is a multi-entry visa that provides multiple entries for a period up to 10 years. The key difference is that the Super Visa allows an individual to stay for up to two years on each entry into Canada, while a 10-year multiple entry visa would only have a status period for each entry of six months only. A single-entry super visa is also available, if the applicant would prefer one.

Parent and Grandparent Super Visa Medical Insurance

There are some specific requirements that you must meet to be able to get a Super Visa. If you get sick or have an accident while visiting Canada, the Government of Canada does not pay for hospital or medical services for you. That’s why one of the key super visa requirements is proof that you have got private medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company. You should get health insurance to cover any medical costs before you come to Canada. Actually, it is mandatory.

Basic information about Super Visa Insurance:

  • You need to buy coverage for a minimum of $100,000.
  • Policy should be valid minimum for 1 year.
  • It should be purchased through a Canadian Insurance Company
  • If you decide to stay for more than one year, then you will need to purchase a new policy 8 days before the expiry of the old policy

You need to submit a copy of this insurance policy with the Super visa application. There are plans that cover pre-existing health conditions as well as those that do not cover pre-existing conditions.

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