TRAVEL INSURANCE: Keep Children Safe While Travelling

Travelling with children can be both a bonding and a learning experience for everyone in the family. This article includes information licensed travel insurance advisors can share with parents to help keep their children safe while travelling.

Kids may help travellers unplug from the office

Travelling with children might provide added incentive for Canadians to unplug during pleasure trips, as 50% say they don’t check work email while they’re away.

Canadians with children highly value vacation: survey

70% of Canadians with children at home place a high value on travel. Here are three ways that can help families focus on what matters most during their time away:

  1. Parents have to realise that when it comes to emergency medical care for children while travelling, the costs to treat children of any age can be on par with those for adult patients. Travel insurance with protection for the family is a great way to manage the budget and the risk, and ensure that children can get the care they need when it matters most.
  2. Parents have to know the emergency benefits that are available if children need emergency medical attention.
  3. Parents have to be sure about the benefits that can help take care of their children if something happens to the parents during their trip.

5 Multi-Generational Travel Trends for 2019

Multi-generational travel remains a hot trend among Canadian travellers in 2019. Check out some of the family travel trends and ensure every family member stays protected:

  1. Service-oriented vacations: Travelling to local communities to help with daily activities and other projects is a great way to become immersed in a different culture and bonding as a family while also giving back.
  2. Grandparents among the travel party: Celebrations such as milestone birthdays and anniversaries as well as travels to favourite destinations are made more special when shared with children and grandchildren. Capturing travel moments on camera can enable family members free to fully immerse themselves in their time together.
  3. Genealogy trips: When multiple-generations use travel as a way to trace their family history and roots, the experience can be a journey of discovery for every generation of traveller.
  4. Children helping plan trip details: Trips with a large focus on children’s interests and activities can be both fun and empowering for children when they can have a say in their travel experiences.
  5. Family-friendly cruise travel: Ocean and river cruise, which have traditionally been more popular with older travellers, are catering more than ever to generations of families travelling together.

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